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Web Site Accessibility Statement

Compliance with international recommandations and standard


All the static and dynamic pages delivered by this web site are XHTML documents and use the W3C 1.0-Strict DTD.

These pages use CSS for all elements of visual layout in order to separate presentation and content features.

All the XHTML and CSS files delivered by this site have passed the validation tests of the W3C validators

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict


We have tried to follow the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and to get a high level of accessibility for disabled users. The 'alt' and 'title' attributes are systematically used to describe the elements of each page of this site.

Each page begins with a 'div id="Accessibility" class="accessibility"' with an hidden visibility which may be used by instance by some text-to-speech readers.



Most links have 'title' attributes to describe the link. Some links are associated with an access key. In such cases the description text indicates which key to use.

Links may correspond to pages on external sites, other pages of this site or areas of their own page. The description text of each link indicates which kind of link it is.

Access keys

Most browsers support jumping to specified links or pages by typing access keys defined on the web site.

To use an access key, you can press simultaneously Alt or Control or Alt + Control and the access key ('0' ,'1' ...) depending on your work station. Some access keys are systematically used:


We have tried to make our site navigation as clear and simple to use as possible. All navigation menus are text based, use no image and are associated with the 'title' attribute with a short description.

Windows management policy

Opening of new windows will occur on this site in two cases:
- when the user activates a link towards an external web site
- during the database consultation to display simultaneously the page containing the list of requests and the query result ot the query result and one selected object.

This is achieved through small pieces of JavaScript. Each link's description indicates whether a new window will be created or not.


The font sizes for the content on this website are scalable but some navigation menus may not be displayed correctly if the initial values are modified by the user.


Content structure

Headings (h1, h2 or h3 tags) and lists (ul and li tags) are used to structure the document. Tables are used on this website only for tabular data and never for any positional layouts. Positional images are not used on this web site.

Printing Information

We have created a separate style sheet that changes the contents of the page when the visitor uses print or print preview. For printing purposes we have eliminated all unnecessary sections of the site like images, links, etc, so when you print the page you will only print the information and none of the layout.

The complete url should be printed after each link when the page is printed.


Cookies are used only for the interactive consultation of the database or to access the Members area. They must be authorized by the user to query the database.

JavaScripts must also be authorized to activate links to external web sites or enable the database consultation.