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Results from the ResistVir database
Genetic resistances to plant viruses and their vectors

Information about
WU Laboratory of Virology - WU Department of Plant Sciences - Wageningen University - Wageningen UR
Wageningen - Netherlands

Last database update for these data: 2006-11-24 - Data extracted on 2009-04-14 from the database.

General data

Presentation   Staff   Structures   Viruses studied   Areas of expertise and Technologies
WU Laboratory of Virology - WU Department of Plant Sciences - Wageningen University - Wageningen UR
Name: (Dutch) WU Laboratory of Virology
Type: Research unit group
Head: Marcel Prins (Leader)
URL: Group Web page
Address: Laboratory of Virology
Binnenhaven 11
6709 PD Wageningen
Postal code: 6709 PD
City: Wageningen
Country: Netherlands
Email: marcel.prins@wur.nl
Phone: 31 3 17 48 30 90
Fax: 31 31 48 48 20
Legal entity: No
Description: The Laboratory of Virology headed by Prof. Rob Goldbach belongs to the Department of Plant Sciences of Wageningen University (WU), which is an integral part of the Plant Sciences Group of Wageningen University & Research Centre.The research program of the Laboratory of Virology mainly focuses on plant viruses, as direct threats for plant production, and on insect viruses, in view of their application as biocontrol agent for pest insects and, biotechnologically, as gene vector for the production of scientifically, agriculturally or medically interesting proteins. The research projects are embedded in major subprograms of two graduate schools, Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS) and Product Ecology and Resource Conservation (PE&RC).
Domains: ResistVir All domains
Permanent scientists:1.01.0
Permanent other than scientists:01.0
PhD students:06.0
Postdoc positions:00
Total scientists:1.07.0
Organizations, centres or groups on which depends this group: WU Department of Plant Sciences - Wageningen University - Wageningen UR
Wageningen University - Wageningen UR
Wageningen University and Research Center
Viruses studied
Viruses Host plants Crops Vectors
Cucumber mosaic virus
Groundnut ringspot virus
Tomato chlorotic mottle virus
Tomato chlorotic spot virus
Tomato spotted wilt virus
Wheat streak mosaic virus
Lilium longiflorum
Nicotiana tabacum
Flower crops
Musk melon
Bemisia tabaci
Frankliniella occidentalis
Thrips palmi
Thrips tabaci
Areas of expertise and used technologies
No: Category Description
1: Molecular biology Cell culture of plant and insect and animal cells
RNA silencing
2: Plant virology Cell culture of plant and insect and animal cells
RNA silencing
3: Plant transformation and tissue culture Cell culture of plant and insect and animal cells
RNA silencing