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Results from the ResistVir database
Genetic resistances to plant viruses and their vectors

Information about MTT/BI
MTT/BI Plant Genomics Laboratory - Biotechnology and Food Research - MTT
Helsinki - Finland

Last database update for these data: 2008-06-02 - Data extracted on 2009-04-14 from the database.

General data

Presentation   Staff   Structures   Viruses studied   Areas of expertise and Technologies
Name: (Finnish) MTT/BI Plant Genomics Laboratory
Name: MTT/BI Plant Genomics Laboratory - Biotechnology and Food Research - MTT
Type: Research unit
Head: Alan Schulman (Leader)
URL: Group Web page
Address: MTT/BI Plant Genomics Laboratory
Institute of Biotechnology
University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 56
Postal code: FIN-00014
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Email: alan.schulman@helsinki.fi
Phone: 35840 76 82 24 52
Fax: 3489 19 15 99 30
Legal entity: No
Domains: ResistVir All domains
Permanent scientists:1.01.0
Permanent other than scientists:2.02.0
PhD students:4.04.0
Postdoc positions:2.02.0
Total scientists:7.07.0
Organizations, centres or groups on which depends this group: Biotechnology and Food Research - MTT
MTT Agrifood Research Finland
Institute of Biotechnology - UH
University of Helsinki
Viruses studied
Viruses Host plants
Bagy2 virus
Cassandra virus
Hordeum vulgare BARE-1 virus
Brassica napus
Hordeum vulgare
Malus x domestica
Oryza sativa
Phleum pratense
Triticum aestivum
Areas of expertise and used technologies
No: Category Description
1: Genetic mapping and QTL analysis Genetic mapping of resistance genes
2: High-throughput technologies 454-sequencing
Affymetrix transcriptomics
3: Molecular biology Molecular markers -- SSAP, REMAP, IRAP based on retrotransposon (pseudoviridieae and hemivirideae) insertions
4: Plant virology Virus-like particle purification, cDNA, RNA isolation, vector design, packaging, reverse transcription assays
5: Plant transformation and tissue culture Transformation of Hordeum vulgare (barley)
Tissue culture of Secale cereale and Avena sativa