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Results from the ResistVir database
Genetic resistances to plant viruses and their vectors

Information about IPV
Plant/Virus Interactions - UMR GDPP - Research Centre INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine - INRA
Villenave d'Ornon - France

Last database update for these data: 2008-06-04 - Data extracted on 2009-04-14 from the database.

General data

Presentation   Staff   Structures   Viruses studied   Areas of expertise and Technologies
Name: (French) Interactions Plante/Virus
Name: Plant/Virus Interactions - UMR GDPP - Research Centre INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine - INRA
Type: Research unit group
Head: Olivier Le Gall (Leader)
URL: Group Web page
Address: UMR GDPP, INRA, BP 81
Postal code: 33883
City: Villenave d'Ornon
Country: France
Phone: 33-557-122-3 76
Fax: 33-557-122-3 84
Legal entity: No
Description: Activities of the group are focused on plant/potyviruses molecular interactions in order to identify new resistance genes particularly on Lettuce, Prunus and Arabidopsis
Domains: ResistVir All domains
Permanent scientists:7.07.0
Permanent other than scientists:6.06.0
PhD students:5.05.0
Postdoc positions:1.02.0
Total scientists:13.014.0
Organizations, centres or groups on which depends this group: Mixed Research Unit "Genomic, diversity and pathogenicity" - Research Centre INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine - INRA
Research Centre INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine - INRA
French National Institute for Agricultural Research
Plant Health and the Environment - INRA
Bordeaux 2 University
Viruses studied
Viruses Host plants Crops
Lettuce mosaic virus
Plum pox virus
Cichorium endivia
Lactuca sativa
Pisum sativum
Prunus armeniaca
Prunus domestica
Prunus persica
Spinacia oleracea
Other leafy or stem vegetables
Peaches and nectarines
Plums and sloes
Areas of expertise and used technologies
No: Category Description
1: Plant virology The IPV team is expert in plant molecular virology in particular for the production of viral infectious cDNA clones
2: Biochemistry The IPV team is expert in purification of proteins as well as in different biochemical approaches to study protein-protein interactions
3: Molecular biology The IPV team is expert in many molecular biology techniques to analyse nucleic acids and proteins from plant and viruses
4: Genetic mapping and QTL analysis Numerous plant molecular markers were developped in the team as well as the use of genetic analytical softwares
5: Experimental facilities Green houses to contain viruses, in particular PPV which needs to be quarantined, are available