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Welcome to ResistVir
Co-ordination of Research on
Genetic Resistance to
Plant Pathogenic Viruses, and their Vectors,
in European Crops

Plant viruses and their vectors cause serious economic losses, limit European crop production, and have negative effects on the quality and safety of food. The use of genetic resistance is one of the best ways to control plant viruses/vectors. ResistVir aims to improve co-ordination of research on genetic resistance to plant pathogenic viruses/vectors, in European crops. This will ultimately result in new sources and mechanisms of sustainable resistance to plant viruses/vectors, being used in conventional and GM crops, and in decreased pesticide usage.


A database dedicated to the current European research activities on plant genetic resistances to pathogenic viruses and their vectors in European crops has been initiated by this co-ordination action. Data about the research groups, their projects and their results are recorded in that database, as well as methods, technologies and resources used to control plant viruses. Documents and results related to that database project are available on this web site.


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Important documents:
Link to upload the Adobe .pdf file Recommendations report for future research policy
Proceedings of the ResistVir International Conference of Cádiz (23-27/11/2008)

Important events:
Calendar 2010

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European Commission Framework Programme Six

A Co-ordination Action Funded by the European Commission under Framework Programme Six; Food Quality and Safety Priority Area
Contract No: FOOD-CT-2005-06961
Start of Contract: 1st February 2005
End of Contract: 31st January 2009