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Genetic resistances to plant pathogenic viruses and their vectors
Web Site Privacy Statement

Below we provide information about the security and privacy of the ResistVir Project (European Commission, Contract No. Food-CT-2005-06961) website. We want all our customers to be confident using our site, particularly the use of personal information.

Privacy Statement

The ResistVir Project is committed to ensuring the privacy of all our customers. All information is collected and processed in accordance with the UK's Data Protection Act 1998. ResistVir's Privacy Policy only applies to the ResistVir website and does not apply to the practices of companies that ResistVir does not own or control or to people that ResistVir does not employ or manage.

Use of Personal Information

Data Protection

Anyone processing personal data must comply with the eight enforceable principles of good practice. They say that data must be:

Personal data covers both facts and opinions about the individual. It also includes information regarding the intentions of the data controller towards the individual, although in some limited circumstances exemptions will apply. With processing, the definition is far wider than before. For example, it incorporates the concepts of 'obtaining', holding' and 'disclosing'.

You can review the Data Protection Principles at the: French Data Protection Authority web site (CNIL).