Subject: [ResistVir] Resistvir NEW website
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 10:08:57 +0200

Dear ResistVir Members,

All of you have noticed that a few days after the announcement of Chalex's bankruptcy the main web site ( of our project and its private area were no more reachable. The web site dedicated to our database and managed by INRA was not affected but has been frozen as long as nothing could be planned for the future of ResistVir.

Today the will to pursue our project is clear, both from the European Commission and from the CSP and INRA volunteers to take over the co-ordination. The CSP together with the new coordinator have decided to reactivate the web activities. Among several proposals they have chosen a simple and realistic solution in order to have as soon as possible an efficient tool to meet the project needs.

So we are pleased to inform you about the following points:

1. The two initials web sites have been merged in one unique site:

2. All the data available on the previous web site and its private area have been recovered on this new site

3. A private area has been created on this new site to distribute data and documents reserved for the Consortium (you will find the form C for the 24-month financial report). You will receive soon a personal account and password.

4. All the data distributed on the new site will be recorded on the server by Jean-Paul Bouchet. If a Consortium member wants to distribute a document or a link on this site, he has to send an e-mail to in which he will indicate the location where he would like that the document or the link will be available on the web site.

5. We invite you to complete our web site by sending to Jean-Paul Bouchet new documents or links.

6. Jean-Paul Bouchet will inform the Consortium members of the changes done on the web site by sending news to the ResistVir mailing list (

We hope that this website will contribute efficiently to the revival of our project and please do not hesitate to submit documents and/or links.

Best regards to all of you,

Jean-Paul Bouchet and Carole Caranta