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ResistVir Members Area
Month 12 Meeting - Alicante
2006, 01 February & 2006, 03 February

First Workshop on 'Advances in Sources, mechanisms and Durability of Resistance against Plant Viruses and Vectors'
2006, 02 February

Meeting documents and presentations
Name Description File type File type
Month_12_Meeting_Agenda Month 12 Meeting Agenda
document size: 5 p.
pdf doc
Month_12_Meeting_Participants_List List of participants
document size: 3 p.
Month_12_Meeting_Practical_Information List of participants
document size: 1 p.
Month_12_Meeting_Minutes_Final_Version Month 12 Meeting - Minutes
document size: 27 p.
Month_12_Meeting_FP7_Presentation_Chalex_WD Framework Programme 7 - Funding opportunities for plant virologist and others
Presentation by W. Dawson (Chalex)
document size: 23 p.
WP2_Month_12_Meeting_Database_Draft_Site_INRA_JPB Database Draft Web Site Interface
Presentation by J.P. Bouchet (INRA)
document size: 10 p.
Advances_in_Sources_Mechanisms_and_Durability_of_Resistance Workshop 'Advances in sources mechanisms and durability of resistance against plant viruses and vectors'
Agenda & presentation abstracts
document size: 24 p.

Images from Alicante meeting
Name Description File type
Month_12_Meeting_Image_01 Image 1 (Alicante) jpg