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University of York
Louise Jones group
York (United Kingdom)

Current status: Associate Member - Application: 2008, 18 March - Admittance: 2008, 10 April

General data
Organization Group name Group size Address Country Status
University of York Louise Jones group 1 permanent
2 temporary
Dr. Louise Jones
Dept. of Biology
University of York
York YO10 5YW
United Kingdom
United Kingdom University
Staff of the group
Interests of the group
  • RNA silencing
  • Virus Resistance
  • Virus-induced Gene Silencing
  • Plant Epigenetics
  • Jones, L., Keining, T., Eamens, A. and Vaistij, F. (2006)
    Virus-Induced Gene Silencing of Argonaute Genes in Nicotiana benthamiana Demonstrates That Extensive Systemic Si lencing Requires Argonaute1-Like and Argonaute4-Like Genes.
    Plant Physiology 141: 598-606
  • Schwach, F., Vaistij, F.E., Jones, L., and Baulcombe, D.C. (2005).
    An RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase prevents meristem invasion by Potato virus X and is required for the activity bu t not the production of a systemic silencing signal.
    Plant Physiology 138, 1842-852.
  • Jones, L., Ratcliff, F. and Baulcombe, D.C (2001).
    RNA-directed transcriptional gene silencing in plants can be inherited independently of the RNA trigger and requ ires Met1 for maintenance.
    Current Biology 11:747-757
  • Jones, A. L., Thomas, C.L. and Maule, A.J. (1998)
    De novo methylation and co-suppression induced by a cytoplasmically replicating plant RNA virus.
    EMBO J. 17:6385-6393
  • Jones, A. L., Johansen, I.E., Bean, S.J., Bach, I. and Maule, A.J. (1998)
    Specificity of resistance to pea seed-borne mosaic potyvirus in transgenic peas expressing the viral replicase (Nlb) gene.
    J. Gen. Virol. 79: 3129-3137