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ARO, The Volcani Center
Munir Mawassi Team
Bet-Dagan (Israel)

Current status: Associate Member - Application: 2008, 09 April - Admittance: 2008, 25 April

General data
Organization Group name Group size Address Country Status
ARO, The Volcani Center Munir Mawassi Team 2 permanent
8 temporary
Agricultural Research Organization,
The Volcani Center
Plant Pathology Department
The Virology Unit
Bet-Dagan 50250
Israel Governmental organization
Staff of the group
Interests of the group
  • Developing transgenic resistance to grapevine  and citrus viruses.
  • Engineering of grapevine virus-based transient expression vectors.
  • Development of methods for detection of grapevine and citrus viruses.
  • Molecular biology of grapevine Closteroviruses and Vitiviruses.
  • Molecular biology of citrus tristeza virus.
  • Etiology of grapevine rugose wood complex and leafroll diseases.
  • Elimination of viruses from grapevine tissue by thermotherapy, meristem culture, and cryopreservation
  • Phytoplasmal deseases in grapevines
  • Wang, Q., Li, P., Batuman, O., Gafny, R., and Mawassi , M. (2003).
    Effect of benzyladenine on recovery of cryopreserved shoot tips of grapevine and citrus cultured in vitro.
    Cryo-Letters 24, 293-302.
  • Wang, Q., Li, P., Hanania, U., Sahar, N., Mawassi, M., Gafny, R., Sela, I., Tanne, E., Perl, A. (2005).
    Improvement of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation efficiency and transgenic plant regeneration of Vitis vinifera L. by optimizing selection regimes and utilizing cryopreserved cell suspensions.
    Plant Science 168, 565-571.
  • Haviv, S., Galiakparov, N., Goszczynski, D., Batuman, O., M., Czosnek, H., Mawassi, M. (2006).
    Engineering the genome of Grapevine Virus A into a vector for expression of Proteins in herbaceous plants.
    Journal of Virological Methods. 132, 227-231.
  • Batuman O., Mawassi, M., and Bar-Joseph, M. (2006).
    Transgenes consisting of a dsRNA of an RNAi suppressor plus the 3' UTR provide resistance to Citrus tristeza virus sequences in Nicotiana benthamiana but not in citrus.
    Virus Genes 33, 319-327.
  • Moskovitz, Y., Goszczynski, D.E., Bir, L., Fingstein, A., Czosnek, H., Mawassi, M. (2008).
    Sequencing and assembly of a full-length infectious clone of Grapevine virus B and its infectivity on herbaceous plants.
    Archives of Virology 153, 323-328.