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Bordeaux II university
Plant virus interaction UMR GDPP
Bordeaux (France)

Current status: Associate Member - Application: 2008, 19 May - Admittance: 2008, 26 May

General data
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Bordeaux II university
Plant virus interaction UMR GDPP 40 permanent web site UMR GDPP IBVM
av E. Bourleaux
F-33883 Villenave d'Ornon Cedex
France Teaching and research unit
Staff of the group
Interests of the group
  • Plant potyvirus interaction genetics
  • Nicaise V., Gallois JL., Chafiai F. , Allen ML, Schurdi-Levraud V., Browning K.S., Candresse T., Caranta C., Le Gall O., and German-Retana S. 2007.
    The success of potyvirus infection requires a specific recruitment of translation initiation factors 4G.
    FEBS Letters, 581, 1041-1046.
  • Schurdi-Levraud Escalettes V., Hullot C., Hommage S., Wawrzynczak D., Eyquard J. P., Le Gall O., and Decroocq V. 2006.
    Plum pox virus induces differential gene expression in the partially resistant stone fruit tree Prunus armeniaca cv. Goldrich.
    Gene, 374, 96-103.
  • Lalli D.A., Decroocq V., Blenda A., Schurdi-Levraud V., Garay L., Le Gall O., Damsteegt V., Reighard G.L., and Abbott A.G. 2005.
    Identification and Mapping of Resistance gene Analogs (RGAs) in Prunus: A Resistance map for Prunus.
    TAG, 111, 8, 1504-1513
  • Lansac M., Eyquard J.P., Salvador B., Garcia J. A., Le Gall O., Decroocq V., and Schurdi-Levraud V. 2005.
    Application of GFP-tagged Plum pox virus to study Prunus-PPV interactions at the whole plant and cellular levels.
    Journal of Virological Methods, 129, 125-133.
  • Decroocq, V., Foulogne, M., Lambert, P., Mantin, C., Pascal, T., Le Gall, O., Schurdi-Levraud, V. and Kervella, J. 2005.
    Analogues of virus resistance genes map to QTLs for resistance to sharka disease in Prunus davidiana.
    Molecular and General Genetics, 272, 680-689.