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Roma (Italy)

Current status: Associate Member - Application: 2008, 31 May - Admittance: 2008, 16 June

General data
Organization Group name Group size Address Country Status
ENEA BAS-Biotec 2 permanent
2 temporary
ENEA BAS-Biotec C.R. Casaccia,
Via Anguillarese 301,
00123 Roma,
Italy Research centre
Staff of the group
Interests of the group
  • Transgenic/Genetic Resistance to Plant Pathogenic Viruses
  • Plant-virus interaction
  • Geminiviruses
  • Molinari P., Marusic C., Lucioli A., Tavazza R. & Tavazza M. (1998)
    Identification of artichoke mottled crinkle virus (AMCV) proteins required for virus replication: complementation of AMCV p33 and p92 replication-defective mutants.
    Journal of General Virology 79, 639-647.
  • Brunetti A., Tavazza R., Noris E., Lucioli A., Accotto G.P. & Tavazza M. (2001).
    Transgenically expressed T-Rep of tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus acts as a trans-dominant-negative mutant inhibiting viral transcription and replication.
    Journal of Virology 75, 10573-10581.
  • Silhavi D., Molnar A., Lucioli A., Szittya G., Hornyik C., Tavazza M., & Burgyan J. (2002)
    A viral protein suppresses RNA silencing and binds silencing generated 21-25 nt double-stranded RNAs.
    EMBO Journal . 21.3070-3080, 2002
  • Lucioli A., Noris E., Brunetti A., Tavazza R., Ruzza V., Castillo A.G., Bejarano E.R., Accotto G.P. & Tavazza M. (2003).
    Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus Rep-derived resistance to homologous and heterologous geminiviruses occurs by different mechanisms and is overcome if virus-mediated transgene silencing is activated.
    Journal of Virology 77, 6785-6798.
  • Lucioli A., Sallustio D.E., Barboni D., Berardi A., Papacchioli V.,Tavazza R. & Tavazza M (2008).
    A cautionary note on pathogen-derived sequences.
    Nature Biotechnology (correspondence in press)