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Plant-pathogen interaction in viral infection
Madrid (Spain)

Current status: Associate Member - Application: 2008, 03 June - Admittance: 2008, 16 June

General data
Organization Group name Group size Web site Address Country Status
CSIC Plant-pathogen interaction in viral infection 1 permanent
3 temporary
web site Centro Nacional de Biotecnología
C/ Darwin 3
28049 Madrid
Spain Research organization
Staff of the group
Interests of the group
  • Plant virus
  • Plant-pathogen interaction
  • Antiviral defense
  • Post-transcriptional gene silencing
  • Simón-Mateo, C., López-Moya, J.J., Guo, H.S., González, E., and García, J.A.
    Suppressor activity of potyviral and cucumoviral infections in potyvirus-induced transgene silencing.
    J. Gen. Virol. 84: 2877-2883 (2003).
  • Delgadillo, M. O., Saenz, P., Salvador, B., García, J.A., and Simón-Mateo, C.
    Human Influenza virus NS1 protein enhances viral pathogenicity and acts as an RNA silencing supresor in plants.
    J. Gen. Virol. 85: 993-999 (2004).
  • Simón-Mateo, C., and García, J.A.
    miRNA-guided processing impairs Plum pox virus replication but the virus readily evolves to escape this silencing mechanism.
    J. Virol. 80: 2429-2436 (2006).
  • Salvador, B., Delgadillo. M.O., García, J.A., and Simón-Mateo, C.
    Identification of Plum pox virus pathogenicity determinants in herbaceous and woody hosts. Mol.
    Plant-Microbe Interact. 21: 20-29 (2008).
  • Salvador, B., Sáenz, P., García, J.A., and Simón-Mateo, C.
    Host-specific effect of P1 exchange between two potyviruses.
    Mol. Plant Pathol. 9: 147-155 (2008).