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Plant Virus Biotechnology
Madrid (Spain)

Current status: Associate Member - Application: 2008, 16 July - Admittance: 2008, 29 September

General data
Organization Group name Group size Address Country Status
INIA Plant Virus Biotechnology 4 permanent
7 temporary
Centro de Biotecnology Gena de Plantas (UPM-INIA)
Autopista A-6, km 7
Edificio Z
28040 Madrid
Spain Research unit group
Staff of the group
Interests of the group
  • Plant-Virus Interactions
  • Viral Vectors
  • Diagnosis and genetic typing of plant viruses
  • Structural genomics of plant virus resistance (associated molecular markers)
  • Tourino A., Sanchez, F., Fereres, A., Ponz, F. (2008).
    High expression of foreign proteins from a biosafe viral vector derived from Turnip mosaic virus.
    panish Journal of Agricultural Research 6: 45-58.
  • Lunello, P., Mansilla, C., Sanchez, F., Ponz, F. (2007).
    developmentally-linked, dramatic, and transient loss of virus from roots of Arabidopsis thaliana plants infected by either ot two RNA viruses.
    Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 20: 1589-1595
  • Mansilla, M., Aguilar, I., Martiz-Herrera, D., Sanchez, F., Ponz, F. (2006).
    Physiological effects of constitutive expression of oilseed rape mosaic tobamovirus (ORMV) movement protein in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Transgenic Research 15: 761-770.
  • Tan, Z., Gibbs, A., Tomitaka, Y., Sanchez, F., Ponz, F., Ohshima, K. (2005).
    Mutations in Turnip mosaic virus genomes that have adapted to Raphanus sativus.
    Journal of General Virology 86: 501-510.
  • Lunello, P., Mansilla, C., Conci, V., Ponz, F. (2004).
    Ultra-sensitive detection of two garlic potyviruses using a real-time fluorescent (TaqMan) RT-PCR assay.
    Journal of Virological Methods 118: 15-21.