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Syngenta Seeds - Vegetables
Sarrians (France)

Current status: Observer Member - Application: 2008, 24 September - Admittance: 2008, 09 October

General data
Company Division or Company Country Web site Status Main Business Area Group size Address
Syngenta Syngenta Seeds - Vegetables France Syngenta web site Private company Seed company Syngenta: 21,000 Syngenta Seeds SAS
Domaine du Moulin
84260 Sarrians
Main activities
To create new varieties for the vegetable market
"Bringing Plant Potential to life"
Interests to become ResistVir member
Input traits in our varieties are mainly focus on plant resistance to pest and pathogens. On vegetable, an important part is to look for new resistance traits to viruses and their vectors.
The ResistVir European project gathers most of the academic research group involved directly on this topic.
For our company it's obvious to be closely connected with the members of this group.